OpenPPG SP140 Controller uses WebUSB to communicate from your browser to your device.

Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers. We recomend Chrome.

Get started

  1. Plug the USB cable into your controller and connect to your PC or Android phone.
  2. You may see a notification pop up from your browser. Now navigate to the config tool.

Using the SP140 Config Tool


Prefer to view your altitude in meters or feet? Simply toggle this to update the controller setting.


By default the SP140 controller is set up for use in the left hand. If you prefer to use it in your right hand, update this setting to flip the screen 180°.

Performance Mode

The performance mode changes the dynamics of the SP140 throttle and serves different flying styles. “Chill” is less responsive and reduces max power to ~80%. “Sport” unlocks full power and is more sensitive to slight input changes.

We recommend flying in chill mode until you get comfortable with the instant power the OpenPPG SP140 can provide.

Device Info

Armed Time

Shows the total number of hours and minutes the controller has been “armed”. This roughly equates to a combustion engine hour meter.

Device ID

Shows the unique controller serial number. This is used to help troubleshoot config tool issues.

Updating firmware

  1. Download the .uf2 firmware you wish to flash (make sure to select the proper architecture).
  2. With the controller connected press “reboot in update mode” to switch to the UF2 compatible bootloader. The screen will flash a message, then turn off.
  3. Drag or paste the .uf2 file onto the newly discovered USB drive and wait for a reboot.

Video tutorial

Default values

Below are the controller default values after first initialized at the factory.

Armed Time00:00
OrientationLeft Hand
Baro Pressure1013.25
Performance ModeChill